Our Team



Charles Carter

Charles is the Founder and the Owner at Konya Koltu Kyikama. He tries to provide our readers with the latest Health news before anywhere else.

Phone:(+1) 609-395-2041
Email: [email protected]


Howard Feldman Editor

Howard works as the Editor for Konya Koltu Kyikama. He loves to keep our readers updated with the latest Health News from all around the world.

Phone: (+1) 609-397-4901
Email: [email protected]


Michael Carter

Michael is working as the Researcher at Konya Koltu Kyikama. He tries to find the latest exercise tricks and diet tips before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 609-394-2693
Email: [email protected]


Natalie Lynch Reporter

Natalie is working as the Reporter for Konya Koltu Kyikama. She tries to find the latest health tips from all around the world so our readers can stay updated.

Phone: (+1) 609-391-2391
Email: [email protected]


Victoria Castronovo Writer

Victoria is the Writer working at Konya Koltu Kyikama. She loves to write and have been writing for a few years now before joining Konya Koltu Kyikama.

Phone: (+1) 609-396-3291
Email: [email protected]